Painfree Dentistry

We really want to give our patients a "WOW" experience! We understand one of the main reasons for people putting off that visit to the dentist is the painful needle.   Our team believes that the way we deliver our outstanding care is also delivered as  comfortable and compassionately as possible.  We use plenty of topical anesthetic(numbing gel) to minimise the sensation of needle penetration and we give ample time and do not rush with the procedure. If you are still nervous about injections after reading this ask us about the WAND!  the WAND is a computer controlled anesthetic delivery system that significantly improves comfort. The WAND takes the human error out of giving a slow injection and ,when it comes to comfort, slow is definitely better. More information can be foound at



We care about your dental health and well being and will always offer advice that provides the best solution for you.

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